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LAUC Conference

The breakout session by Ellie Goldstein Erickson and Alexandra Provence, “The Pipeline: Teens and Young Adult Librarians on Current Behaviors and Wants,” was very interesting and well attended. These two librarians work at the Berkeley High School Library, and they polled ninth-graders and twelfth-graders about their library usage and confidence in their abilities to use university libraries. They found that ninth-graders know what they don’t know and are interested in learning. They want to develop research skills, vocabulary, and knowledge of libraries. The twelfth-graders use the library for research and expect to continue to do so in college. These two librarians emphasize the affective side of their job. They greet students, ask how they can help, spend time one-on-one with students, and they are very approachable and friendly. They create a comfortable atmosphere in their library, including the Library Lunchtime Café, a time when they actually spread tablecloths on certain tables and allow students to eat in the library. Erickson and Provence have difficulty with the effective side of their jobs. They would like to teach more library skills to the high school students, but they find that teachers do not often bring classes to the library.