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ALA 2011: Trickster: Engaging Readers, Honoring Traditions

This presentation was awesome because it was totally relevant for the patron base at my library. I work at UNM-Gallup’s library, and 80% of the student body is Native American. The presentation was about a project in which Matt Dembicki organized Native American storytellers and graphic artists to work together to tell and illustrate traditional trickster tales in comic book style. At the end of the presentation, they gave away free copies of the book! I think the UNM-G students will love it. It’s a beautiful full-color book, and the three presenters who were part of the project all autographed the book for me.

I obtained the bibliography of Native American authors that Michael Thompson (presenter on the Trickster panel) and his wife are putting together. I wanted to see if we had the books in Zollinger Library. I spent some time looking up the books in our catalog, and we already have many of them. For the ones we don’t have, I looked up their ISBN numbers, and we are going to get them. Also, it turns out that Zollinger Library already has Trickster which means I am keeping the autographed version I got at the conference for myself!