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Technology Review: Word’s SmartArt

Word’s SmartArt allows the user to insert graphics into a document that will visually express information and relationships between ideas. It is ideal for representing lists, processes, cycles, relationships, and hierarchies. The user can select an appropriate graphic based on the relationship that is being communicated and the amount of text that will be used. Shapes can be added or deleted, and the colors can be changed.

SmartArt can be useful for any librarians that need to make presentations, and it is hard to think of any way that SmartArt could be improved. Displaying information with SmartArt will appeal to people who understand graphics more easily than long amounts of text. For this reason, SmartArt can be used as a teaching tool for library instruction. Likewise, SmartArt could be used to create slides for PowerPoint presentations. I attended a New Mexico Library Association keynote address by Camile Alire, former president of the American Library Association, and she showed a PowerPoint slide with the SmartArt funnel shape to demonstrate how legislative advocacy, grassroots advocacy, and frontline advocacy combine to create a powerful result.