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Technology Review: PBWorks

PBWorks is a wiki, a website that allows multiple users to collaborate and add, change, edit, or delete the content of a shared workspace. One person begins the process by signing up, creating a workspace, and establishing who can view and edit the workspace. Users are added by entering their email addresses, and participants can be assigned varying levels of access: administrator, editor, writer, or reader. The workspace can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection, simplifying collaboration between people in various locations. The most recent version of the text is in one central location, so there is no confusion between multiple drafts. It is possible to go back over the history of the text to look at the various edits that were made, by whom, and when.

Library staff can use PBWorks for creative collaboration on any team project. For example, if a committee is working on revising the collection development policy, they can create a wiki and begin by posting the unrevised version of the policy. Then committee members can go in to make changes to the policy. One problem that I have experienced concerns multiple editors working on the document simultaneously. Sometimes one person’s edits can seem to disappear if another person is also editing. This can lead to inadvertent changes to the content. However, the possibility of going back through the history of the edits can help locate the problem, and the content can be restored. It would be great if multiple editors could work simultaneously without jeopardizing the content or confusing the editing process.